Did you just get orders to Alaska?  

If so, congratulations!  You are about to embark on an unforgettable journey.  From the trip up to seeing your first moose, your assignment in Alaska will provide you with one unique experience after another.  Things up here are very different than anything you've seen in the lower 48 and without a doubt, you have a lot of questions.  PCS'ing is stressful, regardless of where you are going.  PCS'ing to Alaska brings a new level of stress many military families have never experienced.

At Hedgecock Group Real Estate can relate.  Brett Evens is a former Army Aviator, JT Morgan retired as a First Sergeant after almost 22 years of service, and Tim Clark is a former Artillery Officer and Commander.  We've all PCS'd and we are all intimately familiar with what you are facing.  We are also Real Estate Professionals here in Fairbanks and North Pole and we can provide a level of service you won't find anywhere else.  

Get in touch with us before you depart your current duty station and we can advise you on the trip, the community, or what to do on the weekends.  We can help you buy your home and have it ready to move into as soon as you drive into town or we can set things up for you to act quickly in this dynamic market once you arrive.  Along with having PCS’d to and from Alaska, our team has helped numerous other military families with the entire experience – from the initial move to selling your home as you prepare to move on to your next duty station.

We can't wait to hear from you!