If you want to sell in 2023,  It’s time to get the wheels in motion!

Yes, it’s only February and the temperatures in Fairbanks and North Pole are still well below zero.  But our busy real estate market usually starts in the March and April time frame! If you want to sell your home for top dollar and have the shortest time on the market, your home should be listed soon.  A common misconception is that you should wait until June or July to list your home when it’s warm outside and the yard isn’t covered in snow. But this is not the case.  Once the weather breaks in the spring, home buyers get antsy and our Fairbanks and North Pole real estate markets get busy.  Also, often the inventory (the number of homes listed for sale) can be low in the spring, because so many people do wait until mid-summer to put their home on the market.  So when you combine antsy buyers and low inventory, you as a seller have a great opportunity to sell in the early season.  And with interest rates so low, this should make for even stronger buyer activity this spring.  If you would like to sell your home this year, contact any one of our experienced Realtors® at Hedgecock Group Real Estate and we will help you put the wheels in motion for a successful home sale in 2020.

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